Team building
We like to distinguish between team building and entertaining activities. Team building requires interaction, exchange of views and collaboration between people towards a common goal. Most importantly, it should have a transfer value to daily work tasks. Hence the distinction between planning, discussing solutions, implementing and solving tasks within a professional framework, and carrying out activities outside this scope.

Deciding the right content requires us to uncover the arrangement´s purpose together with the customer. If you want to gel your team, professionally oriented team building can bring them closer. If you want to refresh minds between academic sessions, an entertaining activity may be the better solution. Both can also be combined in a pentathlon, for example, where five work related challenges and softer entertainment activities interchange.

Doing something together that is completely different from daily work tasks, considerably strengthens social capital. When getting to know each other better, people tend to get along well afterwards. Who knew that Beate in sales was the local darts champion? Or that Shahbaz in the cantina was a singer in a blues bands? Unimagined skills come to light when you assemble groups of people to do new things together. With careful preparation, we put together activities that are adapted to your group and the purpose of the gathering. We choose activities that suit everyone and strengthen the inclusive feeling of being part of something.

Corporate Social Responsibility is often referred to as «the company's social conscience». It’s the integration of voluntary social and environmental considerations in daily operations. It may sound complicated, but if you think about CSR in an activity context, these can be made to benefit society. Help an association, the environment, the destination you are at, children, the elderly, or other causes. If you build something, can you build something you can pass on instead of ripping it apart later? Can you renovate the summer pavilion at the senior center? Can you pick up plastic on the beach? Or congregate in the town square to entertain passer-by for a humanitarian cause? Talk to us about CSR activities and join us in making a difference!

As a certified «Miljøfyrtårn» (Eco-Lighthouse) company, we are of course also concerned with the activity footprint. Reusables and sustainability are keywords recurring throughout our planning and implementation.