Team building

Sailing regatta with Alex Rosén!

Alex grew up sailing and has a burning passion for the sea. His stories of sea life are endless, like so many other stories from Alex. He needs no further presentation; all Norwegians have a relationship with him, whether as a host, rocker, author, speaker, or as a guest on his own radio show on Radio Rock. His passion for the sea started before he even got to wear his first boys´ sailor suit. He has sailed regattas, been a crew member, and won national championships. Through mutiny, capsizing, frostbite and hurricanes in the Southern Ocean, Alex became a hardcore sailor.

With his experience from the good ship «Berserk» circumnavigating the North Pole and Northern Russia, a tailor-made sailing excursion with Kjentfolk AS and Captain Alex Rosén guarantees you an experience of a lifetime — and oceans of fun.