Power Escape

Some time ago, one of Munch's four Scream paintings was sold to an unknown buyer. An anonymous art collector has learned that the wealthy and aging Mrs. Lyche is the unknown buyer. The collector has now contacted you to steal the painting, in return for a large bag of money.

A given number of hotel rooms are similarly equipped with codes, keys, puzzles, and hidden clues. On the wall hangs the Scream painting, and the task of stealing it seems like a simple matter. But there is one major caveat – the painting is secured with a lock that even the best locksmith cannot open without a key.

The teams must solve codes and puzzles, as well as find clues that can reveal where Ms. Lyche has hidden the key. The hotel room must be examined extensively. Most objects can be turned and twisted, and everything you need to solve the mystery of unlocking the painting from the wall is either in the room — or in your creative minds!

Teams need to work together and communicate well. Engagement, creative solutions and thinking outside the box are the literal keys to success in The Power Escape.

The first team to find the key, unlock the lock, steal «Scream» and send a selfie with the painting to the art collector receives the bag of money promised. BUT… the reveal of who managed to «escape” with the painting first, is not told to anyone until dinner.

We guarantee an intense and fun hour!