Electric boxcar racers

The boxcar race never goes out of style! Here, the traditional boxcar has been upgraded with an electric engine.

Banknotes with your company logo are handed out, giving attendees the funds to buy various materials and tools needed to build their own unique electric vehicle in your car store. Therefore, planning the car becomes very important.

First, the car must be designed. Not only with amazing flair details, but also the main construction which makes it actually run. The team has to come up with a technical drawing to follow during building. This drawing must be approved by your «automotive construction committee» before implemented.

The instructors are of course helpfully assuring that the vehicles become safe drivable cars, and once built, an «EU inspection» awaits at the «DMV». Having passed all tests, we are ready to decorate the cars to look smashing for the ELECTRIC GRAND PRIX. All décor must also be purchased in your car store, so it’s advisable to have some company cash left for styling.