Who are we?

Kjentfolk AS is a complete event agency. We have many years of experience and as a result are a significant player in the industry. In a safe and good way, we facilitate, tailor and carry out all types of events regardless of size, complexity and budget – all adapted to your wishes and needs!

At Kjentfolk AS, we have for years focused on innovations, investments and new initiatives in addition to arrange events for the Norwegian business community. The bulk of these initiatives and investments are highly relevant in order to supplement our customers with the latest and greatest in technology that contributes to increased competence / learning, environmental focus, better logistics and optimal information flow. We care about your return on investment (ROI) through focusing on increased effects and lasting value.

Today, Kjentfolk AS own and develop 2 exciting festival concepts (Chessparty and Nordisk Dansegalla) as well as our 3 more technical innovations (Eventreg – Graspify – eChess). We have invested deeply in high-end studios (Kjentfolk Studio and Podcast studio) in Nydalen in Oslo, and in the unique technology provided by the company Netfair.

Read more about our festivals, innovations and investments here at kjentfolk.com.

What event services do we offer?

We help you with edutainment, subject content, entertainment, concepts, digital events, company retreats, event marketing, participant management, advanced technical solutions in sound, light, stage and image, choice of location, food & beverage, casino rental, transport / logistics and a wealth of various activities.

Read more about our event services here.

How do we work?

Flexibility is a key word here at Kjentfolk AS. We are service-minded and solution-oriented — and we always start by really listening to you. Our goal is to never fail in delivering fantastic events and experiences that provide lasting values and memories for our customers. When designing an event, a proper analysis of your needs and desired effect is crucial to ensure that the event both delivers and suits the target audience. In connection with detailed planning and implementation, we are serious and thorough in everything we do, always putting safety first. As a customer you are appointed a permanent contact person; an experienced project manager who guides your event all the way from idea to evaluation, ensuring that every minor detail turns out as agreed in advance.

Sustainable events!

When it comes to providing the most environmentally friendly event, two concepts are central to Kjentfolk AS: inspiration and documentation.

Inspiration: Kjentfolk AS is a certified «Miljøfyrtårn» (Eco Lighthouse), following best practice to protect the environment both locally and globally. In our own processes we follow incorporated routines to minimize environmental footprints, while also having the competence to guide our customers to make the right choices. Sustainability runs through our every action, from recycling to optimizing environmentally friendly transport through careful planning. It’s about everything from avoiding disposable plastic to serving locally sourced food.

Documentation: Good intentions are combined with hard documentation of the actual environmental footprint. For each event, project managers fill out a «Miljøfyrtårn» checklist. This is used for internal and external awareness. We follow CemaSys climate accounting in accordance with ISO 14064 during all events we are responsible for. Purchasing calculated CO2 allowances results in a CemaSys climate compensation certificate. This documentation is made available to our customers. Book your next event with us and rest assured that sustainability is maximized.


Our values