Kjentfolk Studio

How does your company communicate internally and in the market? Kjentfolk Studio has all the solutions for highly motivating digital gatherings!

Kjentfolk AS have extensive experience in creating amazing events and travel packages for the business community. Suddenly, our experiences are worth their weight in gold in a new arena: digital events. All our project managers know what it takes, with different backgrounds and specialties. In common lies their understanding of the customer’s goals, and which tools work best to achieve them.

Together, we will help you arrange future-oriented, green gatherings in digital form. We create entertaining and knowledge-sharing broadcasts, with interaction and activities that minimize distance between stage and viewer.

The venue is perfect for both live and digital events, and not least an exciting combination of the two.

When ´The Employee of the Year´ is to be celebrated with sparkling gusto, we conjure up an engaging production to hail the winner. Making pre-produced clips to sprinkle into academic programs, award ceremonies or comedy shows is a task we embrace with insight and creativity.

Professional programs, kickoffs and shows create inspiration and motivation among your employees and in your network. Create your own TV channel as a safe platform where shared information can be broadcasted. It´s an advantage when the entire organization can be reached at the same time, without delay in message and communication. A perfect starting point for courses and updates, nothing less.

Kjentfolk Studio is one of Oslo’s finest event venues with the very latest in advanced sound, light, stage, image and streaming technical solutions, as well as facilities for serving food and beverage.

Inside our studio you can physically fit an audience, as we simultaneously broadcast live or record the event. The broadcast goes out to participants, either at a hybrid gathering or in a home office. We can even coordinate locations across the country for a holistic viewing experience.

You bring your message to us – and our greatest strength is to wrap this message up in an eventful and motivating broadcast. We can enhance your message through a smart broadcasting schedule, state-of-the-art technique, graphic branding, vignettes and animations. In addition, we do media coaching and provide professional scriptwriting as well.

Kjentfolk Studio is a permanent solution – you can safely make a future-oriented digital plan with us.