How to arrange a successful Christmas party

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it the coveted office Christmas party. Many companies usually arrange Christmas parties themselves, without the help of external suppliers such as Kjentfolk AS. Maybe you throw a tree and some decorations into the canteen, or head to a nice local restaurant. Either way, it's no secret that employees expect tasty food, a festive atmosphere and a social boost. Below are our top tips for arranging a successful Christmas party for all your employees:

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Make sure to design a jolly and informative invitation. This should include, among other things, time, place, price, dress code and response deadline. We also recommend that you use a functional registration system that takes care of both the participants´ needs, and your tasks as an organizer. This way, you get an exact registration list that ensures the right number of seats at the dinner table and informs the kitchen fully of individual allergies or specific diets.

Planning the ultimate Christmas party goes way beyond serving turkey and eggnog to a playlist of Mariah Carey´s one biggest hit. It’s also about logistics, quantity, special needs and a host of other things you might forget. Eventreg is Kjentfolk’s total system for all aspects of event handling. It caters to all mentioned needs above, and can be adapted to all types and sizes of events.

Food and beverage at the Christmas party

Christmas set menus are often traditional, but remember that you are allowed to challenge the supplier for some surprising options or additions. Choose caterers that are well accustomed to serving the amount of guests matching your group.

Don’t forget to consider the timeline. For example, if the guests come straight from work, you may want to serve snacks with the welcome drink. Also consider the need for some light night bites, if the party will go on late.

When it comes to drinks, there’s also a lot to think about. What to serve? Should you have an open bar or vouchers? Paid bar after dinner? It is your task as an organizer to choose options that suits the budget.

It is also essential to have enough waiters and staff to serve, clean, handle garbage and recycling, provide pleasant toilet conditions, and so on.


Cool inclusive activities are always a winner. To be able to start quickly and assuring that everyone can participate, are key factors for success. If you are arranging the activities yourself, focus on low bar activities so everyone feels they can participate and contribute.

Suggestions for activities at the Christmas party

  • Quiz
  • Musical Bingo
  • Mime games
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Secret Santa
  • Wine tasting
  • Beer tasting

Only your imagination sets the limits here!

We at Kjentfolk AS have extended positive experiences with our two best-selling concepts Play! and Casino.

With Play! we are setting up an arcade with pinball machines, retro arcade games, simulators, pool tables, air hockey, table tennis, shuffleboard, foosball and electronic darts. Many remember these games from their youth club and get nostalgic, while others try for the first time and get to discover their own exhilarating excitement.

Another popular concept is Casino. We have real handmade casino tables such as blackjack, poker and roulette (single and double), all with chips, necessary equipment and professional croupiers. We can also print dollar bills with the company logo where all guests receive one stack of bills each. Who can win and maximize their profit? We have many exciting programs to determine different winners throughout the evening.


Entertainment is another important piece in your Christmas party puzzle. Start by thinking about the venue – are there space limitations to take into account? Then look at the budget, and the desired direction of the content. Furthermore, the entertainment part can be kept secret or used to tempt people to sign up. Also remember that booking entertainment is only half the job; a good technical solution for delivering the show is equally important. Everyone must see and hear well. It’s boring to be the unlucky loser who got a corner seat behind the post and thus missed out on the evening’s entertainment on stage – what was that highlight, which everyone else thought was so funny and will keep talking about on Monday?

Checklist for those who are arranging Christmas parties

Finally, we want to present a small checklist you can use to arrange your perfect Christmas party. If you take all this into account, everything is set for a pleasant and fun evening for the whole company.

What to keep in mind:

  • Budget
  • Invitation: Date, time, place, dress code, response deadline and choice of food (if applicable)
  • Food: Remember to pay attention to allergies and diets
  • Drinks: Should the company pay?
  • Dining and cleanup
  • Activities
  • Entertainment and technical equipment
  • Any speeches etc.

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