Technical solutions

We offer advanced technical solutions in sound, light, stage and image, as well as spectacular effects such as pyrotechnics and laser. With over 20 years of experience, we follow the latest field development and know what works for any given situation. We cooperate with the best suppliers and technicians in the industry, and tailor the solution to your needs and budget. Our experienced collaborators ensure a technically flawless event!

A crystal clear sound experience is essential whether it is a conference, dinner, concert or another social gathering. We tailor and adapt sound engineering rigs to each event and purpose. The number of guests and the size and layout of the venue, as well as the content on stage are crucial markers. We deliver sound engineering rigs whether it is 30 people in a small restaurant or an outdoor concert for 10,000 people on a football stadium. Our expert sound engineers ensure impeccable technical execution.

Light is important for designing the right atmosphere at an event. We adapt the set-up to the customer’s wishes and needs, from simple front lights to large and advanced lighting rigs. Our suppliers are industry leaders and only supply equipment of the highest quality. Environmental lighting, for example, is very atmospheric and can add the finishing touch to any event. Our lighting technicians are top notch and ensure safety and quality execution.

We provide everything from simple stage solutions to large advanced stage rigs, spinning scenes and reinforced scenes with car ramps and more. The stage is adapted to, among other things, the venue, the content and the number of people attending, preferably with great views of the stage. Add features like starlight backdrops and necessary truss rigs according to your wishes and needs.

We deliver everything from simple imaging solutions to large productions using the latest technology. Everything is adapted to your wishes, needs and budget. Only your imagination sets the limits. In order to be able to convey content at, for example, a product launch, a seminar or an award ceremony, visual engineering plays a very important part. Skilled AV technicians make sure everything runs smoothly. We also offer screen content such as design, animations, interactivity, production of VB movies, etc.

Our pyrotechnics suppliers are among the most experienced in the industry and always deliver top quality, adapted to our customers’ and artists’ wishes, needs and budget — with safety as the top priority. The delivery is tailored in each case and offers a wide range of effects such as dry ice, confetti, flames and fireworks.

In collaboration with laser specialists, we offer everything from simple to large-scale spectacular laser shows at our events. With lasers you can instantly transform a venue totally, creating an otherworldly atmosphere and enhance the audience experience. This is for those who want to surprise and amaze their guests with something new and thrilling!