Participant handling

Kjentfolk AS ensure safe, good and professional participant handling at events — from registration to traveling home — with our own registration system called Eventreg.

We take care of everything from smooth check-in with infotags to customized advanced apps and websites for registration and information flow. In addition comes our advanced registration system Eventreg, which we have specially developed based on the experience and needs we have seen over many years in the industry.

Eventreg is an advanced registration system which takes care of all phases of event registration. With Eventreg as a base, we develop info and registration websites / landing pages for our customers with the desired URL, content and design. Registration forms handle all desired practical information such as name, mobile no., e-mail, name of companion, accommodation needs, transport needs and allergies etc., as well as services like mailing, SMS, payment solutions, etc.

This system is currently in use for everything from simple company breakfast meetings to some of Norway´s largest fairs, festivals and conferences.

Academic input at conferences / profession workshops
The system is also ready to handle FAQs and, for instance, to receive valuable employee input ahead of the company workshop etc. Not all participants love raising their hands in a large congregation. We have noticed that allowing participants to give their input, opinions and ideas in advance of events, provide fertile ground for wonderfully rewarding experiences. Precisely because of being in advance and addressed, instead of as feedback afterwards (and shelved for next year’s gathering?), this input increases the experience of contributing for the participant. Talk to us about smart solutions here.

There are also solutions for grouping, like breakout sessions at workshops or conferences. You can organize this either at sign-up, or after. Thus, the itinerary does not have to be set in stone before registration starts.

A popular feature in Eventreg is mass communication, reaching participants via SMS and email. Sending a nice reminder by SMS one week before departure, in advance of a dinner, or providing today’s program etc., raises awareness of what is about to happen. Most of us are equipped with our mobile phones at all times, so SMS is a quick way to get the message out. We see that no-shows decrease and attendance increases where we send SMS with key elements of the program.

Event day – check-in
We provide the latest technology in name tag printing onsite. Participants come with their QR code, sent by SMS upon registration, scans the QR code, and three seconds later their participant card is finished printing. This ensures a full overview of no-shows, and you can monitor entry and exits at venues. This can also provide, for example, digital drink vouchers where applicable, typically at company parties, Kickoffs, etc.

The system can be used without printing name tags. The participant list is exported to Excel so you can manually tick, give booking lists to hotels, or allergy information to kitchens etc.

Ticketing and payment
We have also developed a full-scale ticketing and payment solution in Eventreg. This is tailored to your needs, with products you can buy. A festival can sell several types of tickets, day passes, weekend passes etc. One can add products like accommodation and dining options in a shopping cart. For a company event, it may be that you offer room upgrades for an additional fee, a choice of add-on activities, etc. After confirmation, it is paid and settled with cards in the online solution.

Invoices can be issued if desired.

We offer advanced mobile apps for iOS and Android phones. We tailor and adapt the software to the needs of customer and event. Important information, event countdown, push messages, your registration info and event program are examples of content. An online program ensures continuous updating, so adjustments can be made hassle-free right up to the start.

Sharing photos, “liking” and commenting on images is something we all know from social media. Many customers do not want photos from closed events to be shared. Therefore, the app provides a closed channel where you can share, like and comment on photos with other participants only.

The app is also popular as an edifying element leading up to the event. With quizzes, videos and getting-to-know-you games etc. the app can make the event «go live» before, during and after the actual implementation days.

After the event, you can send out an evaluation form to the participants via Eventreg. They can answer questions in free text, or through grading bars (1 to 6). We can do this right after the event while impressions are fresh.

Eventreg is a complete participant handling / registration system where all elements are tailored to your particular event.

Are you responsible for events, meetings etc. in your company, and want to set up your own registration pages in Eventreg? Talk to us about becoming a Pro User.