Themed party

Urbane Totninger

Urbane Totninger is a group putting on summer shows in a tent at Kapp Melkefabrikk in Østre Toten, every year since 2007. Gustav Nilsen from Kapp and Paul Håvard Østby from Eina had already broken into the stand-up scene in Oslo, and wanted to make a home-coming show in Toten. The duo is today best known from the radio channel P4; Gustav as one of the country's best parodists, while Paul Håvard as Norway’s most famous unknown comedian.

The guys were eventually joined by Sverre Fredrik Bø Nordheim from Starum and a music band consisting of Torbjørn Dyrud, Håvar Gjestvang, Jon Anders Narum and Lewi Bergrud. After a large-scale audition, «The hunt for a ´local good-girl´», they discovered Ida Marie Ringerud from Bøverbru. The group was complete.

Their performance is a kind of modern variety show, combining a bit of standup, lots of parodies and not least, plenty of music. Several characters from the show have become well-known characters off stage as well. Most famous is perhaps happy boy “Håkon Skaug” from Kraby, who is now public domain in Toten. The local Toten dialect is heavily used in the show, and the whole Innlandet county travels to Kapp to see them every summer. But the “Urbane Totninger area” is constantly expanding; in 2017, every fifth of their tickets were sold in urban Oslo / Akershus.

Even while enjoying huge success with their inaugural show, they have actually increased audience numbers every single year since! For years now they have been the country’s most visited summer show, and every year they tilt the Norwegian record further upwards. More than 300,000 have visited their show tent in the small village of Toten.

You’re served a complete banquet with band, skits, presenters, musical performances, stand-up, parodies and so much more. What if celebrity chef Eivind Hellstrøm presents the menu? And ski champion Therese Johaug, legendary failed movie maker Aune Sand and Icelandic handball coach Thorir Hergeirsson present the winners in your Award Show? After years of impressive antics, this group has an arsenal of content to show off. A unique celebratory dinner is in store for you!