Themed party

The Show Patrol

Norway's show group no. 1 are happy to let you experience a no-holds-barred fireworks display during your event gala dinner!

Sparkling shows from artists of this calibre will surely give you an evening you’ll never forget!

Stian Aagaard was involved when Wallmans Salonger Oslo opened in 2000. After four years and a total of more than 1,000 performances, Stian handpicked his co-artists and took his own show on the road. What you’ll get from The Show Patrol is a feature-length show night with performances that impress and entertain any audience.

This show takes you back in time to experience the greatest artists, stars and songs. Stian & co deliver an unforgettable evening throughout, opening with a fantastically stylish introduction, continuing with comedy performances and unexpected features along the way, and climaxing in a spectacular closing show after dinner. From different stages around the venue, The Show Patrol combine ravishing costumes, dancing, singing and sound + light effects to give you an evening filled with surprises and a guaranteed electric atmosphere!