Themed party


Get the real talkshow feeling on your trade fair!

Sensible learning combined with entertainment yields results. Break up academic sessions with an entertaining talkshow!

Are you one of those millions looking forward to the many talkshows on TV? We put together a very special solution for your professional event, disguising serious and professional content as a fun experience out of the ordinary!

As our specialty is edutainment, we present your event in a better, and not least more entertaining way. Not only do we sprinkle the academic content with entertainment elements, we also have specially designed furniture similar to your favorite talkshow. Our technical solutions make it possible to place participants in different settings, which in turn helps making the day especially memorable!

In advance we tailor a program in close collaboration with you, sure to activate both attendees and artists / hosts. Our network includes several top-shelf hosts who will guide your company safely through the event. And why not spice things up another peg or two with talented comedians or a musical interlude?

There are no restrictions, only a wealth of possibilities that help make a professional outing very special and memorable – while also boosting the energy so it lasts through further festive activities later in the evening.