Themed party

Summer party

With summer comes more agreeable weather, meaning you can carry your festivities outdoors. If you are planning this year's summer party, Kjentfolk AS is your optimal partner!

For years, Kjentfolk AS have delivered summer parties dressed up in various concepts and content, with great success. Only the imagination limits your possibilities. We provide places perfect for your event, adapted to any business, regardless of size. Lavvo parks, farms and various hotel locations are just a few examples on our roster.

There are unlimited options. What about tremendous stand-up shows, show-stopping musical performances or summer music from DJ Thomas Giebelhausen (the original DJ Dan)? Thomas ensures a great atmosphere throughout the evening.

Could we tempt you with a varied barbecue buffet including whole-grilled lamb, as a real taste of summer, with top atmosphere guaranteed from arrival to the lights go off? We will also provide bus transport and suitable summer activities.

For more information, capacity and offers, please contact us on 22 87 10 70 or