Themed party


Retro arcade games have flowed into Oslo´s nightspots in the last few years. We recreate a similar set-up for your event. This phenomenon brings in games as a social focal point, and creates natural mingling when people should get to know each other.

We have pinball, retro arcade games, simulators, pool tables, air hockey, table tennis, shuffleboard, foosball and electronic darts. To name but a few.

Previously, we had arcades in many cities before “gaming” took over completely. Now, the mood almost becomes nostalgic when we open the doors and guests see a room full of game machines at their disposal. Good associations and enthusiasm usually flow through participants, which is perfect for those who visited similar arcades in the past.

Games are ideal as ice breakers, or for creating a themed party. We have a solid selection of the most popular games on the market, both for single and multi players, so here there’s fun to be had for all. A surefire successful activity, regardless of skill level.