Themed party

Oscar Night

Finally — the event package that make your employees and clients live out their secret Hollywood dream. In the past you had to watch it it on TV, but now you can participate in your very own Oscars!

After the academic part of the program is successfully accomplished, the conference participants become acquainted with our own faux French film connoisseur. In a humorous way, he gives the audience an entertaining and motivating introduction to the exciting universe of cinema. The audience gets a fun and educational lesson in practical implementations of movie production, before they are divided into groups and embark on making their own short film.

We will decide the desired film theme together with you, so the value of the experience gets as relevant and useful as possible.

With limited time available, creativity kicks in and the competitive aspect forces all groups to perform at their best. When the movies are delivered at the agreed time and location, the contributions are edited by our professional camera crew. The guests dress up and get ready for a gala dinner in a suitably decorated venue.

During dinner, we will perform an Award Show you have never seen before. Your Oscar Night is hosted by our own American MC Steven Powers, also known as Francois Sibbald, one of our most frequently used edutainers. He ties the evening together and, if necessary, introduces speeches and other handouts. Between dishes, all the films made by the participants are shown. These clips will all be nominated in the Best Picture category. In addition there are 4 other categories with 3 nominees in each, subject to changes based on your preferences. The award ceremony itself takes place straight after dinner, when expectations and excitement are peaking.

Oscars are handed out for Best Lead Actor, Supporting Actor, Stunt Scene, or Best Love Scene: we decide these together in advance. Accompanied by raucous music, the winners receive their trophies on stage while giving champagne laced acceptance speeches. Finallyl, we choose the best film. The winning team gets to come up and bask in glorious limelight as the audience cheers wildly.

In this concept, you experience glitz and glamour previously reserved for Hollywood only!