Themed party

Night of the Sultan

You and your guests are cordially invited to dinner at the Palace of Sultan Ali Ahmed Tabrizi the 3rd!

The venue stage is rigged and decorated in fairytale-like «1001 nights» scenery. Lighting, ambient soundscapes and incense create an exotic and unique Aladdin-style atmosphere. During the evening, the Sultan will enrich his guests with entertaining anecdotes from his self-penned masterpiece «Sultanic Verses». In addition, your royal host offers local entertainment from his universe.

Gorgeous harem women and an amazing juggler are some of the entertainers he might bring out. If it suits the Sultan, he will gift some guests a royal massage given by his mysterious harem. The food served tonight is inspired by Far East dishes, and we guarantee a fabulous experience carried out to the smallest detail. This event will definitely create memories for life! And who knows, maybe the Sultan himself will grace his guests by wandering among them?

At the start of the dinner, the Sultan’s arrival is announced by a messenger before making his entrance accompanied by his harem. Our experience shows that the wow effect is magnified if a representative from your company’s management plays the messenger. Of course, we provide a themed costume befitting your volunteer.