Themed party

Music festival

Get a truly unique evening with Norway's hottest artists lining up!

From true legends to young hitmakers — they will create the real festival atmosphere for your event!

Many may have been to Palmesus in Kristiansand, Slottsfjellfestivalen in Tønsberg or Notodden Blues Festival. Now you have the opportunity to create your very own festival for your event, tailored to your tastes and wishes.

We gather a bunch of Norway’s hottest artists, both established and up-and-coming acts, adapted to your target audience, and arrange a mini-festival. Wristbands and festival programs are a given, helping to create the festival atmosphere you dream of.

A festival set-up gives participants the freedom to mingle and build social ties beyond their daily positions. Beer / drink tents, activities / stands and festival foodtrucks are all relevant elements elevating this concept.

The festival concept fits both as a full-day event, or as a 2-3 hour sequence between workshop / seminar and dinner.