Forget about superficial and fleeting learning! Kjentfolk AS will help to ensure in-depth understanding and a change in the participants’ learning practice. As there is a clear correlation between good job training and overall job satisfaction (1), your company has everything to gain.

Moreover, if the employees return to work without increased skills or learning, the professional part of the event itself does not provide a return on investment. Only training that leads to concrete and lasting changes in the participants’ practice results in a positive event ROI (2).

A collaboration with Kjentfolk AS on the content of seminars ensures that the company:
– Sets clear competence goals for the employees
– Conducts training in line with research-based, pedagogical methods
– Maps real competence enhancement as a result of the event

The educational contributions of Kjentfolk AS to training and competence enhancement are not limited to events, but are offered as general consultancy assistance to companies.

Kjentfolk AS have driven educators on the team:

Kjetil Hasselberg has extensive teaching experience as a lecturer and headmaster. He has a practical pedagogical education from UiO, and has co-founded one of the largest school programs in the Nordic region, namely “Trivselsleder”

Lage Thune is a trained educator with 30 years experience as a musician, producer and multimedia writer. He is interested in technology, social development and how to build learning organizations.

It takes a lot to change our brain to discard rehearsed routines and start using new methods. In order for these new methods to become intuitive – i.e. second nature — practical trials come first, followed by training, training and even more training (3).

Three learning scenarios …
… one of which is significantly more likely to change learning practices, and thus create positive event ROI, than the other two:

Scenario 1: Participants hear about the power drill: “Now I’m going to tell you about the new drill you’re going to sell …”

Scenario 2: Participants see and hear about the power drill: “Here you see the new drill you’re going to sell, and now I’m going to tell you about it…”

Scenario 3: Participants see, hear about, and try out the power drill: “Try it out, and explain the drill features to each other. Browse your notes along the way to understand the most important technical data we talked about in the introduction.”

Afterwards, you role play as a salesperson and a customer: Explain what sets the drill apart from other drills. Also, add in the general purchase benefits you already know: 30-day open return policy, three-year warranty and credit purchase options.

Priority learning needs
Training should, as far as possible – both in terms of content and methodology – be based on the individual participants’ prior knowledge. It’s a waste of money to take people out of their jobs to train them in something they either already know, don’t need to know, or don’t have enough prior knowledge to learn about with the educational tools provided.

Training at events is a too often based on knowledge dissemination which does not entail a high probability of competence enhancement. Fewer than 10% of those who listen passively to lectures are considered to be truly aware of what is being lectured (4).

1. Steven W. Schmidt: East Carolina University, USA, meta study 2007: “The relationship between satisfaction with workplace training and overall job satisfaction”
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3. Carol Dweck: Mindset. 2006
4. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 5/5-07: «Comparing Students’ and Experts’ Understanding of the Content of a Lecture.»

A joint review and presentation must be as vivid and visual as possible. Kjentfolk AS have extensive experience with edutainment where we combine education and entertainment.

Read more about edutainment here!

Relevant subject matter
Since 2000, Kjentfolk AS has gained extensive experience in delivering professional content to conferences. Through our vast network of Norwegian and foreign speakers in a number of different disciplines and areas of expertise, we take it upon ourselves to obtain the right subject content – at the right price – for your conference.