Themed party

Hawaiian Party

Create your own island paradise and move to warmer latitudes with our Hawaiian Party concept!

Sand between your toes, a tropical breeze, flowers in your hair … with your Hawaiian party, you are guaranteed a hot event.

We decorate even the smallest detail in true aloha / tiki / Hawaii style. We provide beautiful tiki bars, large palm trees, wall banners with beach print and colorful table decorations. We are also happy to build a beach volleyball court indoors. Artists and staff are, of course, appropriately dressed in Hawaiian shirts, straw skirts and flower wreaths. Food and drinks are important to the overall experience and everything from finger food and buffet to entire menus of tropical dishes can be offered, playfully combined with skilled bartenders who fix real tropical drinks. A sure winner.

Guests are welcomed by our hula-hula hostesses, and everyone is given their own flower wreath, also known as lei. This is a Hawaiian tradition that stands for friendship and reconciliation. A tropical welcome drink is included and if desired, guests can get their own Hawaiian costume upon arrival. On stage we provide the show concept Dos Mosquitos with its Hawaiian party show. They count a whopping 9 people on stage, including full band and hula dancers. There will be hula dance shows, hula dance training, quizzes, limbo and a volleyball tournament along the way, soundtracked by catchy beach-inspired music. After dinner and activities, Dos Mosquitos provide more party music, a great atmosphere and continued dancing into the sweltering summer night!