Event marketing

The vision of Kjentfolk AS is to be Norway’s most creative and imaginative environment for the development of events which link experiences and marketing together, in addition to creating value for the customer. Event marketing gives the customer a unique opportunity to reach the target group with advertising messages in a way that is not perceived as pushy or ´mandatory´. The purpose is to capture the attention of the target audience, arousing their interest and creating positive associations.

It can be challenging to keep the spirit and interest up over time. At Kjentfolk AS we have good knowledge of what to do and when, and through which channels. We are happy to make a plan for what it takes for your concept to linger on in memories for the long run. In the marketing of, say, a product, a store or general branding of a company, creating roadshows is an exciting trick. When done right, such shows draw people and attention and will give customers a positive experience they will remember for a long time, hopefully passing it on to friends and acquaintances. Contact Kjentfolk AS to hear more about what we can do for you here!

In connection with events, launches or seminars, it may be smart to familiarize the audience with the event via social media. We at Kjentfolk AS have solid expertise in campaign planning. We know the channels where your target group roam. We can assist with everything from idea to publication, adjustments along the way, and of course a final analysis of how it all played out.

Over 15 years experience in the preparation of press releases and media sales has given us invaluable insight into what works — and how it should be done.

In order for target groups to have a favorable impression and building a tight relationship with your brand, it is important to provide inspiration as well as sharing useful and relevant information. It can be anything from articles or interviews on topics that your customers find interesting, to explainer videos or brand identity images that make the target audience choose your brand over another. It’s also useful for supporting the message of a campaign. We have a large network of journalists, photographers and video creators who can front a particular brand in an attractive way.

We at Kjentfolk AS are committed to safeguarding our customers’ profile and brand in the best way possible, and in accordance with agreements. We ensure that content delivered follow brand guidelines and is correct in relation to desired target groups.