Themed party

Edutainment Conference

In today's conference market, it is important to stand out in a positive way. Audiences are becoming more quality conscious, or downright spoiled. After all, when you host a conference, you invest people's time.

In this context, one can no longer afford to make an ill-considered investment. There are many considerations to be taken into account. Indoor climate, lighting, room design and sound + stage technology solutions are some of the most obvious. The possibilities are many and the result is striking when, for example, you overwhelm the crowd with unexpected sound, lasers and smoke effects in a conference context.

You can additionally re-use the same tech equipment for the evening’s social gathering, making the financial aspect way more pleasant. Kjentfolk AS invest heavily in knowledge dissemination through humorous learning or edutainment. We count some of Norway’s best speakers and lecturers in our network. With us, you will have access to anyone from pure edutainers to artists who hold musical lectures, and actors running a hidden theater.

Usually, the end result of a professional gathering turns out best when the day is managed by a professional presenter. Here, too, we have a lot of exciting things on the menu.

Training and knowledge expansion are essential for any company, making professional conferences both necessary and increasingly widespread. Planning and conducting a conference is time-consuming and resource-intensive. It is extremely important to get the maximum effect out of your arrangement, making sure participants absorb as much knowledge as possible — while having a positive experience.

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