We will arrange your next conference

Kjentfolk AS has since the year 2000 gained broad experience in arranging conferences. Through our extensive network of Norwegian and foreign speakers in a number of different disciplines and areas of expertise, we take it upon ourselves to obtain the right subject content – at the right price – for your conference.

Type of conference

Do you want a conference focusing on culture building? Then we can recommend Linda Hammerstrand. She is perhaps Sweden’s best speaker in the field. Or how about a lecture that shows why some work environments are more harmonious and productive than others? Kjetil Hasselberg delivers a humorous and scientific approach to the topic. If you want a more musically inclined performance, we can recommend skilled speakers such as Ole Paus or Christian Ingebrigtsen.

Edutainment conference

Kjentfolk AS invests heavily in knowledge dissemination through fun learning, also known as edutainment. In today’s conference market, it is crucial to stand out in a positive way. More and more companies see the value in professional input, and streamlined top level conferences are becoming ever more common. We can help you with everything from planning to implementation, and we have some of Norway’s best speakers – ranging from pure edutainers to artists performing hidden theater – who will ensure your gathering turns out a successful one.

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