Themed party

An African evening

Go on a journey into Africa's unique culture, nature and atmosphere, providing all attendees with completely new impulses and impressions!

Already during your daytime conference, we send in skilled speakers who possess great knowledge about Africa to share insight into the continent´s culture and people. Einar Lunde is a solid alternative here, having lived in Africa for years as a journalist in NRK.

For the evening and gala dinner we decorate the venue in Sub-Saharan styles, while African music and sounds help create the desired atmosphere. Exotic local dishes will be served as outstanding African artists concoct very special experiences from up on stage. Luckily we have many talented African artists living in Norway today, ranging from dancers and acrobats to highly talented bands and singers. Throughout the evening, the Tabanka Crew will spread joy with their dance show performances.

Tabanka Crew is an independent dance company, consisting of young professionals and future dance pros. Tabanka Crew uses the language of African dance as a tool to express, develop and convey a new modern dance expression, approaching traditional steps and rhythms from a modern point of view. In this way, an original intercontinental dance language is created; a language which does not hide its roots while still crossing borders and building bridges. Tabanka Crew is locally famous from «Norway´s Got Talent» on TV, where they made history and expanded our field of artistic expression. Abroad, the Tabanka dancers are well-known for their high technical dance skills.

In addition, Kjentfolk AS also offer musical performances with singing and drums, world-class acrobatics, and last but not least an African band that make you dance to their rhythms throughout a night brimming with tropical atmosphere.