Themed party

A Magical Evening

A Magical Evening is an exciting and different concept for your company. This is the night where the impossible is possible.

All artists are brought in to emphasize that the audience is astonished, surprised, excited, impressed and, not least, left wondering how this is possible.

During the evening and gala dinner, various artists appear on stage. First up could be an illusion show in true David Copperfield style, with one or more of Norway’s and Europe’s leading magicians / illusionists. We offer various spectacular shows rarely seen before, with cutting edge performance you literally won’t believe.

Afterwards, the magic can be reinforced with juggling, ball acrobatics, circus numbers and other world-class visual elements.

And why not end on a high note with a true Paul McKenna style hypnosis show? Torgrim Holte can make this happen, not only on TV, but also live for you. He will stage situations and moments that will never be forgotten.

An evening of everlasting experiences and impressions!