Themed party

90s party

Join us on a nostalgic journey back to the 90s!

You may like it, or not. The decade that brought you grunge, techno, Beverly Hills 90210, Britney Spears, rave parties, britpop, Friends, Buffalo shoes, football victory over Brazil, gangster rap and white-clad boy bands dancing in perfect sync: we have tailored a true ’90s night, with everything that goes with it.

We have a number of party bands that can act as the evening’s house band, or accompany guest artists. This can also be expanded with, as an example, 90s quizzes where you activate the audience further.

Throughout the evening and celebratory dinner, it’s even possible to put the icing on the experience with famous real artist! Names such as Infinity, Haddaway and Dr. Alban were all the rage this decade, dominating the charts. Why not bring on Dr. Alban at your arrangement, performing hits like ´It’s my life´ and ´Sing Hallelujah´? To top it off, get a well-known media personality from the 90s to guide you through the evening as host!

After the banquet, the house band will play all the biggest hits from the 90s like pearls on a string. And they can continue into the wee hours of the night if so desired. A guaranteed smash!