Why and how do you arrange a proper Kickoff?

The devil is in the details. Although all events are important, a Kickoff is perhaps associated with extra high expectations for alluring content. How do you make it exceed expectations and run smoothly, with an unprecedented eye for detail?

Arranging a Kickoff to start the new year on a high, or launch a product, is not only great fun — it is also important in professional terms, as well as adding to the company’s social capital. Consider it a golden opportunity to thank your employees for their efforts, provide competence enhancement in an entertaining way, and motivate everyone’s further efforts. A happy working environment is one of the main factors for low turnover and minimal sick leave. Arranging attractive Kickoffs is a statement, a highlight of every work year, something staff talk about and look forward to, that can even get envious recognition by competitors within your industry. Giving back to employees makes you an attractive employer. So how to do it? How do you make sure it’s worth the investment? Keywords are to set clear goals and be careful in planning.

How do you proceed?

We like to start by sparring with you, to see the big picture. Who are you as a company? How many participants? When is the right time? What’s the desired effect and result after the event? We have more than 20 years of experience in asking the client the questions needed to arrange Kickoffs both with the X-factor and proper ROI achievement. And if you feel unsure of what desired effect you’re looking for, we have qualified producers and educators in-house to come up with targeted goals for your event.

When should we get started?

The short answer: the sooner, the better. If you want to cherry pick locations, speakers, entertainment etc, start at least 6-12 months in advance (depending on participant number and event complexity). By booking the winter event before going on summer holiday, and the summer event before Christmas, you have arrived. A successful Kickoff depends on lots of crucial details. With a broad plan and overview in place early, we get ample time for the all-important fine-tuning.

From proposal to implementation

With us, you are ensured the same Project Manager from idea to implementation. A Kickoff is all about the people, making each single participant feel seen and acknowledged, whatever the crowd size. Achieving this requires that the Project Manager takes ownership of the event, which she only can if she´s part of the whole process and knows all the details. Arranging over 200 events a year, our staff have built up a trained eye for detail. We know what will amaze an audience, and what to steer clear of.

Sending us a non-binding request is of course free of charge. In order to provide an accurate and best possible offer, let´s have an introductory chat before we get that far.

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