Thanks for now 2022, welcome 2023!

It has taken us a few days to process everything that 2022 had to offer. What a year it was! After all, it started a bit boring with the shutdown, and ended with the busiest six months ever. And so 2023 started with a bang. Right into events, with digital kickoff and summary broadcasts.

We are ready for a new year with a full task menu. There will be travel, digital broadcasts, hybrid gatherings, there will be entertainment for those who need a little feature with a comedian or troubadour,  and there will be professional days with associated social replenishment. In short, we see that there will be a good chef with a broad menu in 2023.

Furthermore,  we are also looking forward to going wide with some technological innovations we have worked on and new concepts for events. Everything points to a very exciting year, we are newly charged and ready to tackle!

We are well underway with digital and hybrid events in our studio in Nydalen. Hybrid events are an exciting combination of digital broadcasts with the audience in the hall, which our studio is perfect for.